NextGen Healthcare Releases Voice-Enabled Pen

NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, a provider of healthcare information systems and connectivity solutions, unveiled NextPen Voice, powered by Anoto digital writing technology.

The pocket-sized digital pens offer two communication input types, written and spoken.

NextPen Voice works by obtaining patient information during home health visits, in remote clinical settings with minimal technology resources, and in specialty practices where higher levels of dictation are prevalent. Providers can switch between voice dictation and handwriting during patient encounters by simply tapping the pen. By selecting its built-in microphone in voice mode, users dictate into the pen and the recorded audio is automatically associated with the correct patient, form, and field.

Employing Anoto's digital writing technology and in close cooperation with Livescribe, NextPen Voice uses a miniature camera for the handwriting capture mode. In writing mode, the pen tracks its position on a paper form and records every stroke. Handwriting and drawings are recognized immediately and dictation is automatically routed for transcription. Once the provider approves the transcription with a simple click, NextPen Voice automatically sends the dictated/transcribed data into the patient's chart as narrative text and similarly, the handwritten data into the same chart as structured data.

"NextGen is breaking new ground in healthcare with this cutting-edge voice-enabled digital writing solution, which provides an important way to continue winning the everyday challenge of combining productivity, accuracy, and care in the practice of medicine," said Stein Revelsby, CEO of Anoto Group, in a statement. "Anoto Live digital writing technology is widely implemented across healthcare, education, field services, facility management, oil and gas, and many other industries around the world and has transformed handwriting into the digital age."

"NextPen Solutions can save providers anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes per patient, especially during reception area intake, and many clients report saving up to two hours per day," said Roy Feague, vice president of development at NextGen Healthcare, in a statement. "Our new NextPen Voice digital pen adds dictation to the proven track record of NextPen Solutions writing and drawing capture functionality so providers have the ultimate digital pen solution to improve productivity and cut costs while simultaneously improving the patient experience."

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