Nuance App Makes Resetting Employee Passwords Fast

Nuance Communications today released FastReset, a voice biometrics-based password reset application that lets employees reset their own passwords by speaking.

With FastReset, employees can use a phone or mobile device to enroll their voiceprints. When they need to reset their passwords, they can use the Microsoft Windows login screen or call an automated system to speak a prompted phrase, such as My voice is my password. With a successful match of the voiceprint, the password is reset.

FastReset can completely replace question-based processes or be used with question systems to enable multifactor authentication for very high security environments. FastReset has out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Active Directory and Credential Provider and works within an organization's existing telephony infrastructure. FastReset includes administration tools for promoting and enforcing user voiceprint enrollments.

"Nuance's core set of voice biometrics algorithms are present in all of our voice biometrics products, whether it's Nina authentication on the smartphone app or the Vocal Password application on an IVR. All of the advances that we have made on the voice biometric front are going to be represented in the FastReset product," says Brett Beranek, solutions marketing manager for Nuance Voice Biometric Solutions.

Additionally, FastSet also offers other solutions from Nuance, including its IVR and outbound dialing platforms.

FastSet is Nuance's first product that is aimed specifically at IT departments, regardless of their size. Previous solutions had to be highly customized to fit IT's very unique needs, Beranek says, noting that FastReset "delivers that capability right from the get-go."

In addition, the solution includes robust administration tools for promoting and enforcing user voiceprint enrollments. The Web tools are designed for IT administrators and help desk personnel alike, according to Beranek.

The IT departments can also place outbound calls to people who need to reset their passwords and can track who's already enrolled in the system. Additionally, "They can have a global view of how the system is performing, how many password resets go through FastReset, and keep track of new employees. FastReset is a lot different from many of the enterprise solutions that we develop, which are really more back-end solutions, especially when we talk about IVR and call center solutions," Beranek says.

Beranek points out that Nuance is excited about FastReset because it brings voice biometrics to a much wider set of enterprises. "A lot of our customers today are organizations that have IVRs or call centers or, when it comes to Nina, a mobile app strategy," he says, "but there are a lot of organizations that don't have call center or mobile apps, and so this is a way to bring voice biometrics to them."

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