Nuance Launches Complete Care Multichannel Solutions

Nuance Communications today announced Nuance Complete Care, an integrated inbound/outbound, multichannel solution for the customer care call center.

Nuance Complete Care integrates inbound interactive voice response (IVR) interactions with multichannel proactive communications, text-to-speech, Subscription Manager, and Notification Hub into one solution to "allow customers to solve more problems in fewer phone calls," says Christy Murfitt, senior manager of solutions marketing at Nuance.

The solution is available for on-premises or hosted deployments and is geared toward four key vertical markets: financial services, healthcare, utilities, and travel/transportation, according to Murfitt.

"These are verticals with similar pain points," she says, noting that they all receive a high volume of customer contacts over multiple channels for a multitude of different reasons. "These are all pain points that can really have a business impact."

Nuance Complete Care enables businesses to manage the long-term customer conversation over these multiple touch points that occur throughout the customer lifecycle, whether the company or the customer initiates the interaction, Murfitt adds.

The solution goes beyond simply notifying callers or directing them toward lengthy IVR menus. It engages customers by offering them logical choices relevant to their initial interactions. For example, if a customer is calling the inbound IVR for the status of a health insurance claim that is still in process, Nuance Complete Care might suggest and initiate a claims status proactive notification when the claim has been processed; or, after initiating an outbound payment reminder, ask the caller if she would like to pay now using the checking account on file.

"We are talking about saving the customer time and effort," Murfitt says, "It's so much more seamless to connect with the caller and allow him to do other things within that one call."

"While traditionally, businesses have focused on serving their customers well within a single channel, such as inbound IVR, with Nuance Complete Care we are taking it a step further by offering a business solution  that exploits multiple channels to better manage relationships over the entire customer lifecycle," said Dan Faulkner, vice president of products and marketing at Nuance, in a statement. "How does each customer want to interact with us? How can we better serve that individual? When it comes to addressing account questions, should it matter who initiated the conversation? Answering these types of questions has contributed to a solution that we believe will be welcomed by consumers who crave more personalized, flexible customer service."

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