Nuance Launches IP-Based Voice Dialer for Employee-to-Employee Communications

BURLINGTON, Mass. - Nuance Communications (NASDAQ: NUAN), a supplier of speech and imaging solutions, introduced SpeechAttendant Internal Dialer, a turnkey, IP-based speech-enabled auto attendant solution for employee-to-employee communications.

Following rising corporate investment in VoIP and IP telephony, and the resulting demand for IP-based communication tools, Nuance has designed the new SpeechAttendant Internal Dialer to help organizations derive additional value and productivity from their IP infrastructures. With support for IP standards such as session initiation protocol (SIP), Nuance's next-generation auto attendant solution eliminates the need for custom IP-based deployments. The solution is compatible with IP-based infrastructures from vendors such as Avaya, Cisco, Genesys and more.

Designed specifically for intra-company communications, the SpeechAttendant Internal Dialer enables employees to reach any person, department, or location across the organization by dialing one number and saying a name. Organizations maintain a single inbound phone number powered by automated, speech-driven call routing. The solution also allows employees to forward calls to their current location (such as a cell phone, home, or remote office).

SpeechAttendant Internal Dialer is built on Nuance Speech Technology and on SpeechAttendant. The new solution delivers speech recognition capabilities and includes a dictionary of over one million pre-tuned names, with multiple pronunciations per name.

SpeechAttendant Internal Dialer synchronizes with backend human resource databases to automate directory updates.

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