Nuance Launches Voice Biometrics for Mobile

Nuance has released Dragon ID, a voice biometrics technology that lets users unlock mobile devices and consumer electronics with only their voice.

In a recent consumer survey by Nuance, 96 percent of respondents stated they often make mistakes typing their passwords on their mobile phones. With Dragon ID, people can create a spoken password or pass phrase, offering a secure way to wake up and access devices. For instance, just saying "Hello Dragon" can securely turn on a device and instantly launch a personalized home screen with favorite apps and content.

"We feel right now that there's a pain point in the market where it's very cumbersome for people to have to unlock their phone using their pass key and, for that reason, I think a lot of people aren't securing their phones," says Kenneth Harper, director of product management and marketing, Nuance Mobile. "It's not a complete replacement for the pass key, but something that makes the process of unlocking the phone far simpler and convenient. As a result, it's going to make overall access to phones a bit more secure."

Dragon ID can also be used on smart tablets shared among multiple users, such as family members.

"Voice biometrics can be used to identify a user from a group of users," Harper says. "It's more that just authenticating the user. You can use Dragon ID to load certain personalization settings that might be applicable to a tablet user at that point in time. It's about authentication as well as speaker identification."

Dragon ID leverages the same platform that is used in the network for its enterprise customers. Nuance's voice biometrics authentication technology is already being used by carriers, banks, and government institutions, with over 20 million voiceprints enrolled globally.

Dragon ID is available for consumer device OEMs, initially supporting English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean for Android and other platforms, with additional language availability later this year.

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