Nuance Releases SpeechAttendant V11

Nuance Communications has released SpeechAttendant v11, a speech-enabled auto attendant solution for corporate directories.

SpeechAttendant is a part of Nuance’s Employee Productivity Suite (EPS), an integrated application suite that combines auto attendant and directory services with flexible solutions for enhancing organizational communications, improving businesses processes, and increasing employee productivity.

SpeechAttendant routes internal and/or external calls to the desired person, department, or information through natural voice commands. With default bilingual support and a unique phonetic dictionary containing more than 2 million pre-tuned names, SpeechAttendant supports multiple pronunciations for a name. Nuance expands this dictionary on an ongoing basis—automatically gathering additions from our systems in use worldwide—so customers gain the benefit of continuous performance improvements.

“In this age of real-time, peer-to-peer communications, giving callers the ability to reach employees or departments by simply saying their names is a powerful enhancement to enterprise communications environments,” explains Dan Miller, senior analyst and founder of Opus Research. “The speech-enabled auto attendant is a low-cost, easy-to-deploy way for medium to large companies to provide a pleasing, successful experience to their increasingly mobile base of customers and employees.”

“Refined over decades of deployments, SpeechAttendant brings a level of sophistication and maturity to auto-attendants that is among the best in the industry,” said Tom Chisholm, senior vice president of the Enterprise Division at Nuance. “This newest version gives organizations the opportunity to transform their corporate directory into a tool that can increase employee productivity and reduce operator costs, while offering a higher quality customer experience with its rapid and accurate transfer rate.”

Key advancements in the new SpeechAttendant v11 solution include:

  • Larger name directory support, for up to a 400,000 name directory;
  • Dynamic phonetic dictionary that includes more 2 two million names;
  • Web-based, real-time reports;
  • Faster transfer speeds;
  • Increased accuracy;
  • Playback of email addresses; and
  • Multiple call handling behavior, including touchtone and voice.

SpeechAttendant v11 includes user-friendly administration tools that offer simple configuration and comprehensive real-time monitoring, Its refined architecture delivers massive scalability, unparalleled redundancy and supports a broad range of telephony and IVR interfaces for seamless integration with existing infrastructures via digital, SIP, analog, ISDN PRI, and VXML.

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