Nuance Renews Vocalizer Deal with Mio

Nuance Communications has extended its relationship with Mio Technology, which develops and markets personal navigation devices, to meet the latest developments in mobile services with Nuance Vocalizer for Automotive text-to-speech. As part of the relationship, Mio will bring Nuance’s text-to-speech to a broader range of its personal navigation devices.

Mio currently uses Nuance Vocalizer for Automotive to power the readback of navigation routes across its integrated product line, including the new personal navigation system Mio Moov 300, 500 and Flat Series; the new PND TV series, Moov V505 and V735; and, the Moov 580. Nuance Vocalizer for Automotive is a text-to-speech engine that is specifically optimized for automotive and personal navigation device platforms, providing drivers with the ability to focus on the road while directions are read aloud.

“Collaborating with Nuance enables us to provide the best mobile experience for our broad consumer base across Europe and North America,” said Justine Liu, global marketing and communications director at Mio Technology. “Personal navigation technology should engage with and cater to the driver. With robust speech synthesis that speaks in a variety of languages, our customers are getting incredibly reliable route guidance that limits visual confirmation for reduced distractions, even in the most unfamiliar of places to ultimately diminish anxiety and provide peace of mind.”

Nuance Vocalizer for Automotive is able to provide drivers with route guidance as it features dynamic information, including street names and route names. Additionally, Nuance Vocalizer for Automotive is equipped to read aloud traffic alerts for connected navigation devices, seamlessly guiding drivers through difficult and stressful traffic situations, navigating around accidents, and more.

“By incorporating our robust speech technology into its portfolio of sleek personal navigation devices, Mio makes getting its consumers from point A to B simple,” said Arnd Weil, general manager, Automotive, Nuance Mobile. “According to a recent survey from ABI research, half of drivers who rely on navigation devices use the text-to-speech feature. With accurate directions read audibly, drivers are able to focus on the road ahead, limiting visual confirmation of addresses and routes to ensure a safer journey.”

Mio’s portfolio of Nuance text-to-speech-enabled navigation devices are currently available in North America and Western Europe, supporting 20 languages, including all major North American and European languages.

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