Nuance Voicemail-to-Text Powers Vonage Visual Voicemail

Nuance Communications announced that Vonage has chosen Nuance to be its exclusive provider for voicemail-to-text transcription in support of the new Vonage World plan.

Nuance’s Voicemail-to-Text platform converts Vonage customers’ voicemails into text messages or emails that are sent directly to their PC or mobile phones, allowing them to easily read voicemail messages wherever, however, and whenever they want.

Vonage Visual Voicemail lets customers save time and get more done by quickly and conveniently reading voicemails from computers or mobile phones. And with messages safely stored, they are easily searched, saved, deleted, or forwarded.

“Vonage and Nuance have worked jointly over the past year-and-a-half to create an unsurpassed customer experience,” said Vonage CEO Marc Lefar. “Vonage Visual Voicemail allows us to meet the needs of our busy customers who prefer to read their voicemail messages via email or text message. Our customers can stay connected to friends, family, and colleagues while on the go and will never miss an important message.”

Nuance’s voicemail-to-text platform is carrier-optimized and delivers innovative messaging capabilities to Vonage customers. Nuance’s platform leverages a deep research and technology base, including healthcare transcription solutions and Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

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