Oaisys Releases Tracer and Talkument Version 7.2

Oaisys, a provider of business call recording and contact center management solutions, today announced the early adopter release of version 7.2 of its Talkument and Tracer call recording software solutions.

Version 7.2 adds several new features that provide more effective incident reconstruction and better address privacy and confidentiality concerns. These new features include the following:

  • Call Slicing: This feature allows users to separate a single call recording into multiple recordings. For example, in a public safety dispatch center, two portions of a radio call captured as a single, extended-length recording might deal with two distinct incidents. The single call recording can now be sliced into two separate calls, which enables clearer incident reconstruction and analysis.
  • Call Merging: This enhancement allows users to merge the segments of two or more recordings into a single recording for ease of organization and improved incident reconstruction. For example, three separate calls all pertaining to a single incident can be merged into one recording, enabling a more holistic analysis of a chain of events.
  • Call Redacting: Sometimes called blurring or scrubbing, this feature letss users highlight a section of the recording and play silence over the audio. For example, if a public safety agency shares a 9-1-1 call with local media outlets, the administrator can now play silence over sensitive information, such as the caller's name or address.
  • Call Segment Exporting: Now users can highlight a specific segment of a call and export only that portion as a WAV or other industry standard file format if desired. For example, if a long 9-1-1 call contains pauses of significant duration, the administrator can choose to highlight the sections where conversation is taking place and export only those segments. A beep tone is played to indicate one segment has concluded and the next is about to start.
  • Automated Call Distribution Enhancement: This configuration option attaches ACD Agent IDs on calls not associated with an ACD group and applies to both outbound and inbound calls that do not route through the ACD.
  • Extension and Agent ID Columns: Particularly useful for sites with a large number of users and extensions, this functionality allows users to identify which extension or agent ID is associated with a particular user for more efficient call location and review.
  • Embedded Multi-Call Player: Users can now select up to eight calls and play them back in a multi-call player embedded in the Management Studio. The multi-call player was previously a separate application. It has been integrated with the main application interface to deliver a more seamless user experience.

"We have spent the past two years aggressively expanding the features, functions, and benefits of our call recording and interaction management solutions," said Oaisys president Brian Spencer. "In version 7.2, we've ramped that up even more, producing a host of new options for our users to help them maximize their return on investment and improve their business processes and profitability."

OAISYS is currently seeking early adopter sites to help field test version 7.2 prior to releasing the product to general availability.

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