OneTok's Voice-Interpretation Platform Now Available for Developers

OneToktoday announced general availability of its voice-interpretation platform that developers can use to create intelligent voice interfaces that enable users to interact with and control mobile applications simply by speaking to them.

OneTok CEO Ben Lilienthal said in a statement that the availability of his company's software platform gives developers a "here-and-now" opportunity to quickly take advantage of the newest generation of natural language understanding (NLU) technology, such as the newly updated Siri for Apple mobile devices and voice assistants from handset and operating system manufacturers.

"With the new Siri, users can open apps with their voices, but it stops there. Siri gets users to developers' doorsteps, but without OneTok as the voice enabler, they can't come in. OneTok enables them to talk and actually interact with and use their apps through simple voice commands," Lilienthal said.

"OneTok's potential for the mobile developer community is limitless. Not only does it enrich existing apps, but truly enables mobile developers to address completely new usage scenarios for consumer to enterprise apps,"?said Spencer Chen, head of business development at Appcelerator, in the statement. "Just as the touch screen experience was introduced by Apple five years ago, OneTok has the potential to rewrite how everyday users interact with their mobile apps through their voice."

"OneTok offers developers the quickest time to market with the least amount of effort required of their engineering staffs because all of an app's methods and functions stay the same with the addition of OneTok as the voice-enablement component," Lilienthal said. "And the OneTok platform is subscription based, according to usage. So if the deployment is not successful, the developer is not stuck with huge upfront costs that can add up quickly before an app becomes available."

"For developers, interfacing with OneTok means rapid time to market," he said. "Their apps can be voice-enabled in a day without having to make any changes to their code."

OneTok includes a variety of voice libraries with pre-existing phrases and commands for vertical market apps in banking, fitness, food, and travel, as well as Collaboration and Top 10 voice commands for every app. As an example, the Top 10 voice commands come pre-packaged with the following:

  • Log in and log out;
  • Post to Facebook;
  • Share via email or Twitter;
  • Save to favorites;
  • Search;
  • Enter credit card information;
  • Navigate back / forward; and
  • Zoom in and out

"OneTok is more than an API. It's an end-to-end platform," Lilienthal said. "We're able to leverage our expertise in Voice over IP and audio conferencing to give developers cutting-edge libraries that address audio hurdles on the device, such as echo cancellation, noise suppression and audio compression. On the server, we enhance the audio signal processing so that OneTok can even work in loud, noisy environments."

Developers can sign up for a OneTok account at http://www.onetok.com and click on Sign Up. 

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