OrCam Launches OrCam Read 3

OrCam Technologies, a provider of assistive technologies for people with vision loss and reading difficulties, today released OrCam Read 3 to help users interact with visual materials. Users just point the device at a book, computer screen, product packaging, or any text and it will read the text aloud or through earphones. It supports 17 languages.

The package includes the OrCam Read 3 device with a comprehensive suite of features, next-generation magnifier, a specially designed stand, and a speaker. OrCam Read 3 is totally self-contained, eliminating the need to connect to the Internet when used as an auditory reader.

New with OrCam Read 3 is the ability to transform any screen into a magnifier, customizing text and images for optimal accessibility.

OrCam Read 3 can also provide a concise summary of scanned text, whether a few sentences or a full page.

Key features of OrCam Read 3 include the following:

  • Reading Companion with yellow buttons and new voice options;
  • Smart Reading features for quick navigation to specific words or content;
  • Barcode Reader to identify common products.
  • A magnifier that transforms a laptop, tablet, or phone into a browser-based magnifier, enabling users to zoom in on text, handwriting, math equations, and images. It also offers text extraction, customization options, and text-to-speech capabilities.
  • Stationary Reader with a stand that is lightweight and collapsible.
  • Interactive AI Assistant that provides instant summarization of texts, from a few sentences to an entire page.
  • Multiple usage options, including voice commands and gestures.
"Our mission was clear with the development of the OrCam Read 3," said OrCam CEO Elad Serfaty in a statement. "We wanted to create a device that could not only act as a handheld reader but also as a magnifier and stationary reader. By combining all these features into a single device, users get enormous value that is absolutely unique in the market and unprecedented versatility in how and when they use the device."

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