Parlance Includes Additional Functionality with Its NameConnector

MEDFORD, MA - Parlance Corporation, a provider of speech-activated interfaces for voice networks, announced the enhancement of its standard NameConnector Service offering. Web-based administration tools enable selected users to add, modify or delete entries in NameConnector Service name registry(s) databases from any location, at anytime, from any web browser. The administration tools allow for improved organizational functionality including: automatic change notifications, imports, builds, database sorting and password protected accounts. Parlance provides customers with a secure user name and password to access the web tools and assists in importing the initial name registry into the database. Automation programs running at Parlance read the contents of each database, merge the names and numbers with other sources, add nicknames and tiebreaker phrases, check for errors, assemble appropriate speech grammars and dialogs and publish the appropriate information to the appropriate NameConnector system. Changes made to the registry are available the next business day. Jack Reilly, Parlance Corporation CEO stated, "It is critical for NameConnector name registry databases to stay current to ensure system performance. When our customers requested an improved maintenance process, we realized the immediate impact and delivered. Customer input has shaped the many enhancements made to our service offering, application development and tools, enabling us to improve our service offering with valued enhancements." Users may include multiple NameConnector names registries and administer the databases individually to ensure security for personal registries and improved organization. "Web tools provide a convenient, straightforward interface to our NameConnector Service, simplifying registry administration and improving service performance. Consistently administering our name registry has resulted in connection rates consistently above 96%. Our callers rely on the service to be automatically connected 24 / 7 - it is imperative the Service is up to date. Today our NameConnector connects over 11,500 callers per week," said Peggy Baker, Telecommunications Specialist at Reebok International Ltd. The tools are available to all customers beginning on September 1st as part of the standard NameConnector Service offering.
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