Phonetic Systems Solution Deployed by Bank of New York

BILLERICA, MA - Phonetic Systems announced that Bank of New York has deployed the Phonetic Business Continuity CoordinatorTM as part of their continuation of business strategy. The system provides them with the ability to maintain operator services and support voice automated directory updates, call completion, employee location management and group messaging for all incoming and intra-enterprise telephone calls during any emergency that threatens connectivity such as power outages, technical failures, or any other type natural or manmade disaster. The Phonetic Business Continuity Coordinator is built on Phonetic Systems' Voice Search Engine (VSE), which has the ability to search on large amounts of highly dynamic data without the need for speech tuning. During emergency situations, information often changes at the last second so having a system that can respond quickly to updates is critical in keeping fluidity in the business process. The Phonetic Business Continuity Coordinator is a voice automated application that allows employees to securely change their contact information via the telephone. It updates the directory and notifies the necessary parties within the corporation to let them know of the change. "Phonetic Systems has provided us with a first class integrated product that enhances our continuation of business strategy" said Jeff Kuhn, senior vice president of business continuity planning at Bank of New York. "Having a highly reliable and easy to use system is critical for keeping bank employees and customers connected and allows our telecom team to focus on more important tasks during emergency situations." "The financial industry has gravitated to deploying speech solutions as a means for improving internal and external business communications," said Mark Bannon, vice president of sales operations and technical services at Phonetic Systems. "We have helped many of our customers, like the Bank of New York, leverage their existing investment in speech in order to improve their continuation of business strategy. We are committed to our relationship with the Bank of New York and are thrilled they have placed trust in our company and technology to help them in this important initiative."
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