PhotoTLC Selects Voxify Automated Agents to Handle Calls

PhotoTLC selected Voxify Automated Agents. PhotoTLC will put Voxify's Conversation Engine technology at the disposal of its more than 15,000 outlets.

Voxify Automated Agents are set to handle more than 30 percent of PhotoTLC's internal call volumes, offering automated access to order information.

"To continue the amazing expansion we've enjoyed this year, we need to keep our services at the cutting edge," said PhotoTLC CEO Ed Bernstein. "That's why we hired Voxify. We know Voxify's Automated Agents will give us the best possible call experience, time-to-deployment and ROI, and will become an invaluable extension of PhotoTLC."

The first Agent coming on board is an Order Status Agent that helps internal staff members find when a photo project is set to arrive. The Agent also offers direct integration with all major U.S. shipping vendors.

PhotoTLC will also enlist the help of an Order Processing Agent. The Automated Agent will help employees at retail hubs across the nation order supplies and process photo restoration and gift sales.

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