PinPoint Research Releases Speech-to-Text Transcription

PinPoint Research, providers of interactive voice response survey technology, has added speech-to-text (STT) automated transcription to its multimodal survey research platform.

The STT capability is part of PinPoint's Voice Driven Research strategy and gives customers highly accurate, real-time transcripts of voice data collected from IVR and mobile surveys. This solution, driven by best-of-breed automated speech recognition technology, delivers immediate transcripts of open-end voice responses to support text analytics, customer sentiment analysis, agent training, and customer experience monitoring.

"Today's customer experience research needs to capture the voice of the customer in real time for effective research analytics, customer response, and enterprise CX reporting," said Walter Good, president of PinPoint Research, in a statement. "Our new speech-to-text system delivers transcription processing with greater accuracy, shortening data delivery time and dramatically decreasing the cost of transcription for CX survey insights. The CX market has recognized the value of consumer voice data for survey open ends, the problem is that it has been expensive and time consuming to process voice data to make it actionable to the brand. Our solution provides a radical decrease in the cost of transcription and shortens the wait time to minutes versus days."

PinPoint's speech-to-text system also integrates metadata to enhance analysis for more in-depth insight into open-ended questions and to reveal consumer attitudes, including emotion and sentiment analysis. PinPoint's solution also includes a certified Accuracy Audit that measures transcription accuracy and shows statistical reporting accuracy across a range of variables, including phone type, geography, language, etc.

Included with PinPoint's speech-to-text solution is the option to automatically monitor and redact financial and sensitive personal data from voice and text transcripts. It also can be integrated across omnichannel data collection systems, and respondents can leave voice messages as part of IVR and mobile surveys. In addition to training and customer monitoring, PinPoint's speech-to-text system can escalate customer responses to the call center using voice-driven data to trigger near real-time push alerts.

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