Plum Voice Platform Awarded VoiceXML 2.0 Certification

Plum Voice's VoiceXML platform has been certified by the VoiceXML Forum, an international industry organization chartered to promote the adoption of VoiceXML-based applications, as compliant with the VoiceXML 2.0 specification. Certification is a process that entails a series of tests to determine a platform's compliance with the latest release of the VoiceXML standard and is meant to ensure interoperability between platforms.

"The VoiceXML Forum's Platform Certification Program is a key component of our strategy to accelerate worldwide market adoption for speech-enabled applications," said Ken Rehor, chair, VoiceXML Forum Conformance Committee. "VoiceXML platform certification promotes interoperability of VoiceXML platforms, tools, service providers, and applications. As VoiceXML adoption continues to grow in enterprises and carriers, certification assists customers in choosing from a wide variety of vendors and deployment options to solve their particular business needs."

Certification for the Plum platform means that all of Plum's IVR solutions are VoiceXML 2.0 certified. Plum Voice offers an IVR platform that serves as the foundation for all of Plum's IVR solutions: Plum GlobalVoice hosted IVR, turnkey IVR systems, developer VoiceXML platform software, and custom as well as pre-built VoiceXML applications.

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