PolyAI Partners with Twilio

PolyAI has integrated its customer-led conversational assistant with Twilio's Flex and Programmable Voice contact center platforms.

This integration will allow companies to use PolyAI conversational assistants to resolve customer queries over the phone and transfer calls back to contact center agents when necessary. This hand-off includes vital metadata about the interaction.

"PolyAI's unique delivery model for conversational assistants now allows Twilio Flex customers to access PolyAI's proprietary technology along with our expertise in speech recognition, conversational design, machine learning and dialogue design," said Michael Chen, head of partnerships at PolyAI, in a statement. "This allows them to deploy solutions that elevate the typical call center workflow into a branded conversational experience."

"Conversational agents are a crucial capability that allows businesses to innovate and transform IVR systems into the customer-centric experiences that customers demand. PolyAI integration with Twilio Flex and Twilio Programmable Voice makes it easier for every business to personalize customer engagements and leave impressions that turn into repeat business," said Andy O'Dower, head of product at Twilio, in a statement.

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