ReadSpeaker TTS to Be Featured on the Open edX Platform

Text-to-speech technology provider ReadSpeaker is providing a fully integrated TTS solution for the Open edX platform, making educational content accessible and engaging for a diverse population of students.

"As online learning continues to grow in popularity, there is an increasing need for educational content to be available to all. At ReadSpeaker, we're leveraging our TTS technology do our part in making this a reality by creating more accessible and engaging content," said Matt Muldoon, president of ReadSpeaker NA, in a statement. "In pursuit of this, supporting the Open edX platform just made sense for us. We look forward to continuing to build a more accessible and productive future for learners through university and beyond.

"Integrating ReadSpeaker with our courses has allowed us to provide learners with an equitable and complete learning experience," said Evan Trivits, learning tools and technology lead at ESME, whose company uses the Open edX platform for ongoing employee education, said in a statement. "Whether a learner wishes to listen to their content, have a word translated for them, or simply read along with the TTS, it has been tremendous."

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