Rev.com Launches Free Live Captions for Educators

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To support educators dealing with the overwhelming challenges of virtual classrooms, Rev.com is now providing free access to its new live captioning Zoom integration to all K-12 educators through June 30. The live captions are powered by Rev's speech recognition engine.

Accurately capturing live course materials is paramount for students who are hard of hearing or experiencing increased distractions in their new learn-from-home environments. Rev's solution consistently displays precise terminology, punctuation, and grammar.;

"Distance learning and educating, at this volume, is a new experience for all involved, and being able to effectively reach every student is our biggest challenge and highest priority," said Leslie Sanderson, journalism advisor at Glenda Dawson High School in the greater Houston area, in a statement. "Integrating live captions into curricula that have now moved entirely online ensures we are compliant with federal accessibility laws and helps all students better capture and comprehend valuable material, no matter the situation."

"Without prior infrastructure for distance learning, K-12 educators are scrambling to figure out how to effectively continue lessons amidst a host of obstacles due to the coronavirus pandemic. Part of that challenge includes making online content accessible and compliant for students," said Jason Chicola, co-founder and CEO of Rev.com, in a statement. "We're glad to be able to offer our highly accurate speech recognition engine at no cost to ensure the accessibility of learning content and improve comprehension for all students."

Live captions can be an integral part of the education process, including the following:

  • Inclusion and accessibility: As classrooms move online and into the home, live captions ensure that videos are accessible to all students, including those that are deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Improved Focus: Live captions help ensure students will not miss out on any of the educational material.
  • Improved retention: The combination of audio and visual creates an optimal learning environment for students.
  • Support for ESL and Foreign Language Students: There are more than 4.9 million U.S. students whose first language is not English. Captions help non-native speakers fully grasp course material.

Educators can offer live captions to all attendees, and each student can choose to have their own captions on or off on both desktop and mobile devices.

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