RightNow Introduces Voice Experience Manager

Contact center applications provider RightNow has launched its next-generation Voice Experience Management solution, a way for organizations to identify a caller, determine why they are calling, and make an efficient, intelligent decision on where to route the call, all in a highly branded and personalized way.

RightNow Voice Experience Manager, part of RightNow CX November 2010, enhances existing telephony environments with a customer experience layer, enabling organizations to get callers to the best available resource as quickly as possible.

Key capabilities of RightNow Voice Experience Manager include:

  • RightNow Voice Library—More than 6,000 prebuilt voice application modules that encapsulate best practices in common business processes, voice user interface design, and tight integration to RightNow CX.
  • Personalization Engine—Enabled by the RightNow knowledge foundation and CX platform, the Personalization Engine allows a single voice application to deliver dynamically generated information, customized for each caller, based on her inputs, preferences, interaction history, and context.
  • An open standards-based Eclipse application development environment that supports a growing ecosystem of voice application developers.

“We can grab a lot of contextual data [about a caller] and populate the agent’s desktop with it,” says Ted Bray, vice president of contact center solutions at RightNow.

The application, Bray says, takes everything that happened in the IVR and other channels and sends it to the agent’s desktop before the call is routed. “It’s critical that he agent has access to that information,” he says.

The application relies on the VoiceObjects engine from Voxeo and extends the value of existing call center infrastructure investments with integration to the RightNow Dynamic Agent Desktop.

In this release, RightNow adds Cisco and Avaya to the list of call center environments that integrate into the RightNow Dynamic Agent Desktop. RightNow partner SimpliCTI integrated the Cisco UCCE and Avaya Elite call center solutions to the RightNow Dynamic Agent Desktop.

“A lot of our customers have invested millions of dollars into their call infrastructure, and we wanted to make sure RightNow components could orchestrate into that,” Bray says.

The integrations, he adds, are a sign the RightNow “is moving to a more mature partner ecosystem. That is part of our long-term road map, and this allows us to execute that.”

The solution, according to Bray, is targeted to customers across verticals, and is designed for any organization “that is call center-centric and has a large volume of calls.”

“IVR systems are often misused, and can erode customer trust with lengthy and confusing automation menus designed to keep customers away from live agents,” he adds. “With RightNow’s Voice Experience Manager, organizations can cost-effectively deliver the very best customer experience possible over the phone.”

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