Sangoma NetBorder Call Analyzer 2.0 Now Available

Sangoma Technologies, a supplier of hardware and software enabling server-based voice and data communications, today announced the availability of version 2.0 of its NetBorder Call Analyzer.

The new release is for companies and outsourced service providers looking to optimize the performance of their outbound dialing campaigns, increase the productivity of their agents, reduce operating costs, and increase contact center revenues.

NetBorder Call Analyzer 2.0 improves on Sangoma’s patent-pending call progress analysis engine, which automates the real-time classification of outbound calls. The software can determine whether an outbound call reached a human, voicemail system, fax machine, or other type of device. This allows automated dialers to transfer only relevant calls to outbound call center agents.

In comparing version 2.0 to the solution’s previous iteration, Serge Forest, vice president of marketing at Sangoma, says the new version “has more of a focus on outbound IVR and international markets.” It’s also up to 30 percent more accurate, he says.

Among its new features is an application layer that makes it easier to configure the engine for the different tones used in different countries to indicate special dialing conditions, such as when a phone number is busy or no longer in service.The new release also includes end of greeting detection, which notifies the agent transfer when a voicemail message is finished, and improved diagnostics and reporting tools.

The software, which is based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), “integrates with automatic dialers and outbound IVR applications and uses the information gathered to determine what to do with the call,” Forest explains.

The release is tied to industry trends away from proprietary hardware to software and cloud-based solutions, as well as more proactive use of outbound dialing and IVR technologies, Forest says.

NetBorder Call Analyzer 2.0 is currently in customer trials and is expected to be available for purchase by the end of May, according to Forest.

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