Saykara Launches AI Voice Assistant Kara

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Saykara, creator of ambient artificial intelligence-powered voice assistants for medical exam room conversations, has launched 'Kara' to help doctors document telehealth visits from within Zoom video conference calls. Kara is now free for doctors handling cases of COVID-19.

Saykara has integrated its AI voice assistant Kara with Zoom to create a telehealth on-ramp through a full Zoom integration. Kara can now manage scheduling, notifications, and reminders to patients and help healthcare providers monitor their calendar of appointments and launch Zoom patient visits with a single click. Kara is fully functional within Zoom, automatically working in the background at the start of each audio or video conference patient visit to capture the entire virtual patient exam.

During the virtual visit, Kara's ambient AI technology works silently in the background to pick up signals in the doctor-patient exam conversation and detect key aspects of the patient history and associated clinical orders or patient instructions. Kara captures the entire remote exam conversation, documents relevant information in the patient's chart, and learns from every physician-patient interaction. Kara automatically updates notes and patient records. Kara works seamlessly with all major electronic health record (EHR) platforms and is fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Kara for Telehealth lets healthcare providers do the following:

  • Manage patient appointments, including patient notifications and reminders via email and text message;
  • Start virtual visits via Zoom video conference or phone call with a single tap to join;
  • Speak naturally with patients, whether on a Zoom video conference or phone call;
  • Eliminate note-taking distraction and after-hours charting; and
  • Expedite the care of patients being screened or treated for COVID-19 with standardized documentation templates.

"We want Kara to be as helpful as possible during this rapid pivot to virtual care," said Harjinder Sandhu, CEO of Saykara, in a statement. "The Zoom integration allows Kara to ease the transition, adapting and anticipating the needs of physicians so that they can continue to provide the best patient care possible while enjoying the smoothest workflow experience possible, regardless of whether or not they are in the same room as the patient."

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