Sber Launches SmartBadge with Speech Analytics

Sber (Sberbank of Russia), originally a bank that has expanded into technology, has released SmartBadge, a software and hardware product for analyzing employee communication with customers.

SmartBadge is developed by SberDevices and seamlessly integrates with the speech analytics system of Speech Technology Center, also part of the Sber ecosystem of companies. SmartBadge consists of wearable devices (badges with an e-ink display) for recording conversations, a five-device docking station for charging badges and downloading the recorded data, and software that provides secure remote control after the devices, recording of diarization and data exchange with the speech analytics service.

SmartBadge can diarize recordings, separating the dialogue by roles into two unique audio tracks. From there the speech is converted to text and then the semantic analysis of the text is performed.

"SmartBadge is a highly secure, convenient, and user-friendly device that can be applied in a wide variety of areas, from retail to medicine. The device by SberDevices implements several innovative solutions, in particular, the ability to separate the speech of an employee and a client into two audio tracks thanks to a microphone matrix of our own design and diarization algorithms, as well as an e-ink screen that makes the badge more versatile in use. SmartBadge gives a supervisor the opportunity to directly assess the quality of the customer service process at any level: from company-wide statistics to a specific session of communication, and to promptly make the necessary decisions," said Konstantin Kruglov, senior vice president for new digital surfaces at Sberbank and CEO of SberDevices, in a statement.

"Speech recognition technology created by Speech Technology Center was acknowledged the best at the CHiME-2020 international competition. Speech analytics by Speech Technology Center has proven effective in contact centers across the country: in banks, telecommunications, development and energy companies, in public sector. Its implementation allows [companies] to hear the voice of the client and develop business based on real feedback. The relevance of speech analytics in online telephone channels has generated a request for its implementation at offline offices, points of sale, as well as in face-to-face analytics. By satisfying this request, we have scaled up our successful experience. Now speech analytics in offline channels and front offices will become even more convenient," said Dmitriy Dyrmovskiy, CEO of Speech Technology Center, in a statement.

The speech analytics currently supports Russian, English, and Spanish, with Arabic and other languages in development. The individual badges can record up to 16 hours, while the docking station can store up to 250 hours of recordings.

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