Seaplace Group Launches Create AI Voiceovers.com

The Seaplace Group today launched Create AI Voiceovers.com, an on-demand text-to-speech platform to create voices for education, marketing, entertainment, and more using more than 530 neural voices across 220 languages and variants.

Users can access customizable voices that reflect their brand identities, adjusting rate, pitch, pronunciation, pauses, and more as needed.

"Using Create AI Voiceovers.com can reduce the cost and time that traditional studio recordings require. Although it cannot replace human voiceovers entirely, text-to-speech voice is becoming a popular option for voice projects which require minimizing costs and faster time to production. The convenience and flexibility in using TTS voices offers another level of service to your business," said Terry Hill, managing partner of The Seaplace Group, in a statement.

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