Smart Recorder 2.1 Released for the iPad and iPhone

Roe Mobile Development’s (RMD) updated version of Smart Recorder features added functionality to support Apple's iPad and other applications.

Smart Recorder can be used for recording and taking notes at business meetings, lectures, or classes. The new version supports the iPad’s larger screen and file-sharing capabilities. The ability to post recordings to Facebook or Twitter has also been added. Finally, the performance of the Box.net export and import functionality has been substantially improved.

“Smart Recorder is now the ultimate note-taking app for the iPad. It allows you to make an audio recording while simultaneously typing textual notes. The textual notes get time stamps which can be used to mark important points in a recording. Smart Recorder also allows sessions to be archived or transferred to another device through the Box.net service,” remarks Ken Roe, CEO of RMD.

The Smart Recorder robust feature set includes:

  • Time-based tags allow direct access to important portions of a recording. Tapping the “Add Tag” button during recording sets a tag at that time position. Tapping the tag during playback jumps to the position of the tag. Comments can be typed in with each tag.
  • Direct access to the iPhone camera allows taking photographs while recording to associate visuals with the recording. The photographs are time-stamped to their position in the recording.
  • Auto Pause suspends recording when there is no sound. Recording starts again when talking resumes, eliminating long pauses.
  • Multi-speed playback allows quick skimming or careful listening to critical portions of a recording.
  • Forward and back buttons skip or repeat a user selectable number of seconds in the recording.
  • Slider allows you to quickly navigate to any part of a long recording.
  • Direct access to a recording time position starts playback at that point in the recording.
  • Export permits setting a suitable file format and compression rate for saving and distribution.
  • Sessions with all their photos and text tags can be archived or transferred to another device through Box.net.
  • Audio recordings can be shared on either Facebook or Twitter.

Smart Recorder features a rich set of user-definable settings to suit every individual:

  • Set the number of seconds the Forward and Back buttons move within the recording.
  • Select a sampling (compression) rate anywhere between 8000-44,100Hz. A lower rate saves disk space while a higher rate gives better audio quality.
  • Adjust the noise (or quietness) threshold at which auto pause activates.
  • Enable one channel (mono) or two channel (stereo, with a suitable microphone) recording for basic or richer recordings.

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