SoapBox Labs Launches Voice Features for Children's Toy and Game Developers

SoapBox Labs, a developer of voice technology for kids, today unveiled new features for SoapBox Play that give kids a way to interact with games, apps, and smart toys using their voices.

These new features include Voice Activity Detection (VAD) and Custom Wakeword, which exist for adults but until now have not been developed for children, who have unique speech patterns, behaviors, environments and privacy needs.

"We're transforming how children of all ages and accents interact with technology," said SoapBox Labs CEO Martyn Farrows in a statement. "Our consumer-focused clients are always looking to offer more immersive and natural play experiences to kids while ensuring their privacy is protected. New voice features like these are the answer."

"SoapBox prides itself on solutions that are easy to integrate and that keep accuracy and privacy at the forefront of a high-performance experience for kids," said SoapBox Labs Founder and Executive Chair Patricia Scanlon in a statement. "Importantly, we also offer clients the flexibility to deliver these experiences on-device or in physical toys using embedded chips."

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