SpeechStudio and Acoustic Magic Partner on Voice Control of Computers

SpeechStudio, a provider of toolsets for developing, testing and delivering speech recognition in Windows applications, and Acoustic Magic, the a supplier of desktop array microphones, have agreed to work together on products to accelerate hands-free computing.

Stephen Zeigler, CEO of SpeechStudio, states, "Our customers want to help people with busy hands and eyes: doctors, soldiers, housewives, scientists, even CEOs. The Voice Tracker Array Microphone is a breakthrough for Voice Control because it is effective both when the user is engaged at a desk, or is far from the keyboard. Its ability to follow the talker throughout the room is unique."

According to Bob Feingold, CEO of Acoustic Magic, "SpeechStudio is "tuning" its software to optimize recognition through an array microphone. High accuracy, combined with Speech Studio's fundamental understanding of the architecture required for Voice Control, will accelerate the development of products for this market."

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