Spext, Voice to Text Technology, Wins Global Startup Competition for Babson College-Affiliated Entrepreneurs

The Indian Angel Network announced that the winner of the IAN Global Startup Competition for Babson College affiliated entrepreneurs is Spext, a technology that turns recorded voice content into useful, editable content. IAN will pursue due diligence with the winner and if successful, the company will be eligible for an equity investment of up to $250,000 from IAN and IAN Fund.

Spext was pitched in the virtual finale by co-founder Anup Gosavi, Babson MBA class of 2013. Using voice to text APIs, Spext quickly converts recorded voice content to digital transcripts and supports text editing in lieu of complicated waveform-based editing. Spext believes that leveraging the familiarity of text editing will open the door for voice content to be easily created, edited, and consumed.

Spext was among the three finalists who presented startup ideas and business models in the virtual finale to an international audience of Indian Angel Network investors, Babson entrepreneurs, and other startup enthusiasts. IAN is committed to providing strategic mentorship to the startup finalists and to helping them to bolster their talent and to scale and expand their business operations worldwide.

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