Spoken Communications Partners with Varolii

Spoken Communications, provider of an enterprise cloud platform for contact centers, has partnered with Varolii, a provider of customer interaction management solutions.

Varolii's cloud-based communication services help organizations interact with large numbers of customers and employees through voice, text messages, smartphone applications, and email. The new partnership supports Varolii's customer interaction applications with Spoken's inbound capabilities. Spoken's enterprise cloud features the full suite of inbound contact center functionalities, including call switching, recording, monitoring, and analytics as well as the company's patented speech recognition IVR. The patented Conversational Interactive Voice Response (IVR) enables automated self-service with a hybrid model that combines the latest in speech recognition technology with pinpointed human intervention to return 90 percent automated success rates and a more accurate customer experience.

"This partnership enables us to leverage the patented knowledge of Spoken to enable Varolii to deliver a seamless experience across both inbound and outbound channels with consistent branding, self-service options, and holistic reporting and analytics," said Sharath Dorbala, vice president of product management and strategy at Varolii. "Varolii's inbound solutions leverage guided speech recognition from Spoken and advanced personalization through Varolii ID, our personalization engine, to deliver a richer and more complete customer experience."

"We are really excited about this partnership," says Spoken CEO Howard Lee. "This partnership will extend the reach of our most innovative enterprise cloud product, the Conversational IVR, while helping Varolii to extend and improve customer interaction success rates by adding speech-recognition-enabled inbound calls. Together, we'll be able to better engage the customer and improve the efficiency of all customer interactions."

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