Springdoo Selects MAP Telecom to Host Service in the UK and the US

MONACO - Phone users in the US and the UK are now able to record messages on any phone and send them directly to an e-mail address or group of addresses, thanks to a new talking e-mail service provided by New Zealand based Springdoo Limited, hosted by MAP Telecom and developed by TeleMessenger Solutions Limited.

"Email hasn't changed in over 10 years. Typing emails has become a chore and a bore - listening to someone's message exactly the way it was intended is much more effective than reading text," explains Springdoo CEO Jason Kerr. After the success of the service in Australia and New Zealand, Springdoo was keen to expand to Europe and the US. "We believe that users everywhere will appreciate Springdoo, either for easier business communication or to stay in touch with friends and family," he adds.

Users in the US and the UK access the service through a free phone number. Phone users can record their messages on any phone, and then send them to one or several recipients. The latter simply open the email to listen to sent messages, without the hassle of opening attachments.

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