Telelogue Receives Listing Database Pre-Processing Patent

ISELIN, NJ - Telelogue Inc. announced that it has received notification from the United States Patent and Trademark Office that its "System and Method for Pre-Processing Information used by an Automated Attendant" patent has been allowed for issuance upon processing of the applicable patent issuance fees. At the highest level, Telelogue's preprocessing patent protects a method to preprocess database listings (such as directory assistance databases of names, addresses and telephone numbers) used by a voice automated system by cross correlating the entries in the primary database with listings from another database. Any company that sells, buys or utilizes a pre-processed directory assistance listing database that was cross-correlated with another database for use in an automated directory assistance system will be in violation of this patent. The methods protected by this patent yield the highest quality listing information possible. "This patent extends Telelogue's intellectual property dominance in the area of directory assistance automation," said Robert W. Burke, Telelogue's chief executive officer. "We intend to leverage the strength of our IP portfolio to forge the most strategically valuable industry relationships in directory assistance. In combination with our nightly database update patent, our directory preprocessing patent will prove even more valuable." Telelogue expects additional directory assistance patent awards during 2004.
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