Thomson Higher Ed Selects AT&T Natural Voices TTS for MP3-Format Textbooks

Thomson Higher Education has licensed AT&T Natural Voices for Desktop from Wizzard Software to create Audiobooks for Sciences, a library of MP3 format textbooks. 

Thomson Higher Education, publisher for higher education, offers instructors the opportunity to include audio versions of the textbooks they order for their classes.  Using AT&T Natural Voices, Thomson Higher Education converts a variety of their textbooks into MP3 files. 

To gain access to the MP3 version of the text, students are provided with an access code card. The access code permits students to create their own user name and password, which will allow them 120 days of access to the audio files, stored as zip files for each chapter of the book. Each file contains an MP3 file for each section of the chapter. Students can download chapters as they need them during those 120 days, or they can be downloaded all in the first week. Files can be stored on their computer or can be transferred to an MP3 player.

The use of AT&T Natural Voices in these audiobooks allows students to listen to a textbook read aloud in a voice, while providing a way to reinforce book content for both instructors and students. 

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