Transcosmos Brings Transpeech to South Korea

Transcosmos has brought its transpeech voice recognition and analytics solution for contact centers to South Korea.

Prior to the launch, transcosmos Korea launched a pilot for its clients in March. During the pilot, transcosmos Korea deployed a speech recognition solution and validated the performance and quality of features, including auto-evaluation of customer service quality, real-time monitoring, as well as features that assist customer service agents in serving customers.

Transcosmos, which is based in Japan, began to offer a speech recognition and analytics solution specifically designed and optimized for the South Korean market. Building on text data converted from speech via a speech-to-text feature, the solution assists agents in providing the right information to customers with pre-registered keywords and FAQs. It also comes with a check and monitor feature to ensure that contact center agents communicate all required information to customers.

<>With a goal of implementing the solution to 10 companies by the end of 2023, transcosmos Korea will drive the deployment of transpeech in the market. In addition, transcosmos Korea will continue to add more advanced features, including automated machine learning, auto-summarization of customer conversation, and auto-categorization of customer conversation.

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