Truphone Receives Call Recording Patent

Mobile network services provider Truphone has received U.S. Patent 9131055, for its "anti-tromboning" technology, part of its call recording solution, Truphone Mobile Recording. The patented technology prevents a call from being sent around the world for recording even if the file has to be held in a particular jurisdiction.

If two New York bankers were working on a deal in London, in accordance with U.S. securities law, their call must be recorded in New York. If the audio passes between them, this would add a double transatlantic delay. To avoid delays and disruption when recording long distance calls, Truphone's technology splits calls into two streams, a local stream and a long distance stream. The long distance stream is sent off to the desired recorder, and the local stream is managed locally via Truphone's network. When the long distance stream is received by the recording system it sends a signal back to the local server permitting the local stream to go ahead, ensuring all of the call is recorded without disruption or delay.

The same technique can be applied to transcription of the call or other forms of audio processing.

"Whenever we deal with audio it is vitally important to concentrate on quality. Customers are very sensitive to delays in a conversation, and Truphone's technology removes the potential of such an occurrence. For example, bankers, lawyers, and doctors are constantly involved in fast-paced conversation and cannot tolerate this sort of problem. With our technology, customers can record their conversations with no disruptions or delay while meeting regulatory requirements," said James Tagg, chief technology officer at Truphone, in a statement.

Purpose-built to record both voice and SMS traffic internationally, Truphone Mobile Recording captures data within the network itself. Data is digitally signed and stored in an encrypted format in either Truphone-hosted facilities or within customers' existing recording architecture. Truphone Mobile Recording is currently used by seven of the 10 largest banks, and Truphone is developing other value-added services for its customers.

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