Unveil Technologies Announces Version 2.0 of its Voice Self Service Application

Unveil technologies. announced version 2.0 of its Unveil Conversation Manager. Unveil Conversation Manager is voice application software that enables call centers to deploy software-based virtual agents that automate, assist, analyze and route customer service calls. The new version of Unveil's software includes enhancements to Adaptive Learning aimed at reducing the cost of ownership for speech, integration with third party systems from key partners, and system statistics and reporting.

Using Conversation Manager, call center managers can deploy virtual agents that work with customer service representatives by pre-collecting and routing information or by automating entire customer dialogs. The product's key features include:
  • Conversation Assist, which enables Unveil virtual agents to get help from live agents during a customer dialog.
  • Adaptive Learning, an automated process that analyzes customer conversations to improve system performance over time.
  • Meaning Recognition Engine, which lets the caller engage virtual agents in unscripted, conversational speech, increasing end user comfort and satisfaction.
Support for third party systems - Conversation Manager 2.0 extends support of telecommunications systems and software from key partners Rockwell FirstPoint Contact, Nuance Communications and Avaya. To meet key customer requirements, the product integrates with Avaya's MultiVantage ACD and Avaya Active Telephony CTI and integrates to Rockwell FirstPoint Enterprise. Version 2.0 also includes all the recent functionality improvements in Nuance Voice Platform (NVP) version 3.0, providing a voice self service platform. Conversation Manager 2.0 provides a set of management reports that provide historical information on virtual agent staffing, performance, learning, and inquiry topics. Three report types are supported in version 2.0:
  • The virtual agent report provides an operational view on the performance Unveil's virtual agents. This includes how many Virtual Agents were active and for how long, as well as how many assists and takeovers occurred. The virtual agent report simulates common reports on live agents a call center manager would obtain from a workforce management system.
  • The call summary report shows the 'call view' of system operations. This includes the average times calls reached a given stage; overall automation rates; call lengths; number of assists and number of takeovers that occurred.
  • The Conversation topics report provides a detailed analysis to the call center management of what customers are calling about. The Conversation topics report is the primary way of examining the conversational flow of the center. This includes the flow of calls into and out of a given topic, and statistics on time, turns, and assists within that topic.
In addition to these key advances, Unveil Conversation Manager 2.0 features improvements in system scalability, enabling support for up to 200 percent more simultaneous virtual agents than version 1.2; call control features to support conversation assists, routing and recording; and increased performance of the product's core Meaning Recognition accuracy.

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