VOCAL Rolls Out New VoIP Solution

Telecommunications and networking solutions OEM provider Vocal Technologies announced the release of its enhanced VoIP stack design with proprietary echo cancellation software that the company said significantly improves voice quality.

The enhanced VoIP stack is designed for use in hands-free and other Voice over IP (VoIP) applications where acoustic echo is a major issue. The echo cancellation algorithm produces crisp, clear speech in challenging environments such as hospitals or other large facilities.

"Our acoustic echo canceller features an integrated noise suppressor with automatic gain control, audio compression level, and a three-band equalizer, which is easily configured to handle harsh environments where reflective surfaces, multiple conversations, and equipment noise are common," said John Punaro, project engineer at Vocal Technologies, in a statement. "A major concern for our customers is the ever-changing acoustics, and our adaptive filters handle this quickly and effectively."

The enhanced VoIP stack includes integrated voice compression (codecs) and echo cancellation software modules. The proprietary echo cancellation algorithm works with a range of voice codecs to dramatically enhance voice quality. The system is just one component of a complete software solution that handles signaling, audio, and advanced speech processing. Vocal's integrated design allows customers to incorporate other modules and quickly add new product features as needed.

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