VOICE.TRUST and SpeechWorks Partnership

MAINZ and MUNICH, GERMANY and BOSTON, MA - German-based VOICE.TRUST AG, a European producer of secure authentication solutions via voice biometrics-based authentication solutions, announced a partnership with SpeechWorks International Inc. (Nasdaq: SPWX), a developer of speech technologies and services. The partnership will allow VOICE.TRUST to deliver SpeechWorks' SpeechSecure speaker verification technology within VOICE.TRUST's portfolio of biometric-based authentication solutions, which require nothing more than access to a telephone. VOICE.TRUST has developed a combination of speech recognition and multi-level speaker verification that integrates into existing networks: After acquiring a caller's claimed ID from the opening dialogue using speech recognition, SpeechWorks' speaker verification technology compares the caller's voiceprint with a reference model of a voiceprint previously provided by the caller for authentication. Characteristics of each person's voice are highly unique, making accurate verification possible even if the caller has a cold or if an impersonator makes an attempt to duplicate a voice. VOICE.TRUST also deploys a unique challenge and response technology to exclude fraud by recorded digital copies of human voices. The VOICE.TRUST Server provides an authentication process, enabling deployment of automated password reset, two-factor authentication, authentication for remote access or single sign-on and PKI profile recovery. VOICE.TRUST authentication also prevents telephony fraud by authenticating users before granting access to resources like help desk or call center services. VOICE.TRUST's solutions are deployed in Europe's Fortune 500 companies in the financial services, government, insurance, automotive and healthcare industries. "SpeechWorks' leadership position in the speech arena and their commitment to innovation and product development will allow VOICE.TRUST to continue to meet the rapidly emerging needs of the European market," said Michael Kramer, CEO of VOICE.TRUST. "Our partnership with SpeechWorks enhances VOICE.TRUST's ability to continue to deliver solutions that help our clients realize significant savings on their authentication processes." "In less than one year, VOICE.TRUST has emerged as a European market leader for voice-biometric authentication solutions. By integrating our SpeechSecure speaker verification technology, VOICE.TRUST can offer customers a broad range of authentication solutions that not only improve security, but also enable enhanced customer service while delivering a significant return on investment," said Steve Chambers, chief marketing officer at SpeechWorks.
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