Venera Introduces CapMate for Verifying and Correcting Closed Captions

Venera Technologies introduced CapMate, a cloud-based solution for quality control and correction of caption and subtitle files, as part of its suite of quality control software for digital media.

Venera CapMate uses artificial intelligence to address issues related to caption files, from verifying compliance with caption file format standards to detecting and fixing common issues, such as sync with audio, overlay on burnt-in text, spell check and profanity, characters per second, characters per line, words per minute, caption gap, and others.

"CapMate is not only technically feature-rich, but we also made using it quite affordable. With our various usage-based plans you can subscribe to one of our monthly plans to take care of all of your caption verification and correction needs. And, we also have the industry first ad-hoc pla’ for those who don't have a steady volume of caption work, where you can simply use CapMate when you need it without making a monthly or annual commitment," said Vikas Singhal, CEO of Venera Technologies, in a statement.</p/>

Cinedigm was an early adopter of the platform. "After seeing a demo of CapMate for the first time, we immediately saw value in the platform. By integrating CapMate's powerful features into our automated workflow, we've been enabled to process files at lightning speed, drastically reducing manual effort needed to verify our partners' caption files," said Jack Hurley, director of digital production at Cinedigm, in a statement.

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