Veritone Launches Veritone Voice Network

Veritone, creator of aiWARE, a hyper-expansive enterprise artificial intelligence platform, today launched Veritone Voice Network, a multilingual custom AI voice solution and podcast monetization service that combines synthetic voice creation and AI translation services to localize podcasts.

Leveraging Veritone's aiWARE platform and Veritone Voice, the service enables podcast hosts to create custom and enterprise-grade synthetic voice models. Veritone Voice Network transcribes and translates podcast episodes into the desired language output and then applies the host’s multilingual synthetic voice model to deliver a ready-to-air translation of the original episode.

"Veritone Voice Network presents significant value to both individual podcasters and large networks, boosting reach and monetization opportunities," said Ryan Steelberg, president and co-founder of Veritone, in a statement. "Podcasters can now explore which new audiences locally, as well as globally, they can reach and connect with by transforming their shows with Veritone's synthetic voice technology."

"The Veritone Voice Network allows us to not only expand into new markets, but to authentically engage with our audience and build out those communities in ways that were not previously possible," said Doug Ellin, Emmy-award winning writer and producer and creator of the hit HBO series, Entourage. Ellin co-hosts Victory The Podcast alongside actor Kevin Dillon, best known for his role as Johnny "Drama" Chase in Entourage, and the two are using Veritone Voice Network to develop and monetize their Spanish voice models.

"Veritone's synthetic voice and translation service has enabled us to enter new markets at the network level," said Kevin Connolly, American actor, writer, director, and producer best known for starring roles in Entourage and Unhappily Ever After, and founder of ActionPark Media, in a statement. "There is clear value in being able to seamlessly reach new audiences and rapidly expand our growth potential."

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