VocalZoom Adds Optical Sensors to Voice Biometrics

VocalZoom today released voice biometrics technology using its optical sensor to perform all voiceprint acquisition and embedded template matching, eliminating the microphones and noise reduction software of traditional acoustic solutions, and taking voiceprint verification out of an external processor or cloud-based server to the security of an embedded, match-in-sensor architecture.

"We all want the simplicity of authenticating to applications and services with our voice, but until now, solutions have been complex and expensive, are not reliable in noisy environments, and are vulnerable to cloned voiceprints," said Tal Bakish, CEO of VocalZoom, in a statement. "VocalZoom plans to deliver the industry's first speaker verification sensor using a match-in-sensor architecture, which will drive a paradigm shift in behavioral authentication."  

VocalZoom's patented VoiceMatch-in-Sensor technology acquires data from users during the biometric enrollment process as their facial skin vibrates while talking. The VocalZoom optical HMC sensor converts this data into a unique voiceprint and stores it inside the sensor. Each time users authenticate, their voiceprints are again acquired in real time, confirmed to be from a living person rather than a recording, and then securely matched inside the sensor solution against information in its embedded template to verify the user and complete the authentication process.  

"Opus Research's latest voice biometrics census, issued in September, shows a doubling of voiceprint enrollments (more than 137 million globally), signaling voice as a ubiquitous, highly personalized authentication factor with the capability to combine command and control with identification and access management," said Dan Miller, lead analyst at Opus Research, in a statement. "Device-based implementations are accelerating, and technologies like VocalZoom's match-in-sensor voiceprint verification technology will fuel this growth by improving security and fraud protection for products that are easier to build and use."

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