Vodafone Launches Bubble Motion’s Bubbly Social Messaging Service

Mobile social communications provider Bubble Motion has expanded throughout India with the launch of its Bubbly social messaging service on Vodafone India.

Sometimes described as a "oice-based Twitter", the Bubbly social messaging service enables celebrities and everyday people to share status updates in their own voice with fans and followers through any mobile phone, without having to download an application. The service is now available across India on Vodafone India's mobile networks.

Indian stars have been swarming to the voice blogging service this year, led by top Bollywood stars Amitabh Bachchan, Lara Dutta, and Priyanka Chopra, TV personality Madhavan, cricketer player Yuvrav Singh, musician Sonu Nigam, and many more. These celebrities share voice-recorded updates on their daily lives, keeping their fans informed in an authentic and intimate way.

To access the Bubbly service, users just dial *7* on their Vodafone handsets, record their voice updates, and instantly their followers everywhere are notified by SMS and prompted to click and listen. It's free to start bubbling, and free to follow friends and family.

"With 8 million Indian users, India is far in front of the rest of the world in adopting bubbling as a social messaging tool," said Thomas Clayton, Bubble Motion's president and CEO. "Vodafone has recognized the social mobile groundswell early and have moved swiftly to bring this fun service to their customers."

Since launching Bubbly just one year ago, the service has taken Asia by storm. Used by hundreds of celebrities, entertainers, sports stars, and musicians as an authentic way to keep their fans updated, Bubbly has catapulted to more than 10 million users in India, Indonesia, Philippines, and now Japan. The service has delivered more than 300 million messages in the last year alone.

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