Voice Assist Files Patent for Handsfree Radio and Safe Driving with Audio Awareness

Voice Assist, a provider of mobile speech and handsfree solutions, has filed a patent application for Handsfree Radio for safe driving with Audio Aware technology.

Voice Assist currently provides a safe driving application that lets drivers use voice commands to make calls, listen to email, read email, reply to email, send text messages, receive text messages, and post to social networks by voice without typing. The user interface was optimized for safe driving with the ability to issue command after command without the need to hold the phone or press buttons repeatedly.

"As we began to study what drivers do that cause distraction, we recognized that drivers press buttons to tune the radio or interact with their mobile phone to listen to music content on their mobile phone or to stream internet radio," said Michael Metcalf, CEO of Voice Assist, in a statement. "We began to innovate new solutions to help prevent distracted driving caused by music and not just texting. The result is our patent pending Handsfree Radio with Audio Awareness technology."

The VoiceAssist Handsfree Radio option will allow drivers to say what they want to hear, such as an artist, song, lyrics, Internet radio station, or other keywords, such as traffic or news. The content will then be played but remains audio aware of the subscriber settings. In the event a subscriber gets a call, text, email, tweet, post or instant message from anyone on his VIP list, the audio content is paused, the message is read out loud, the driver can respond by voice, and then resume his listening experience where he left off.

That patent application also applies to mobile advertising with Audio Aware Ads that allow drivers to respond by voice after hearing a radio ad. Drivers will be able to respond immediately by voice, such as like it, love it, hate it, buy it, connect me, or send me the coupon.

"Drivers in the 21st century want to stay connected and communicate by voice or data or listen to the music content of their choice - while driving. Voice Assist will allow drivers and busy people on the go the option to do so while remaining handsfree," said Metcalf.

Voice Assist has eight patents pending and continues to file additional patents to build on its portfolio. Additional patents pending involve click-to-call a virtual assistant, music search by voice, voice dialing of contacts in an address book with continuous updates, and hands-free, two-way texting, just to name a few.

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