VoiceGenie Launches the VoiceGenie 7.0 VoiceXML Media Platform

NEW YORK - VoiceGenie Technologies Inc. released the VoiceGenie 7.0 Media Platform. This platform is designed for large enterprises and service providers to improve customer satisfaction through voice-enabled automated self-service (IVR).

VoiceGenie 7.0 offers:

  • VoiceGenie 7.0 is a software platform that supports VoiceXML 2.0 and other existing and emerging standards including CCXML (Call Control XML), X+V (XHTML + Voice), SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), MRCP (Media Resource Control Protocol) and X|mode. VoiceGenie 7.0 also integrates with CTI systems in order to leverage existing technology investments.
  • VoiceGenie 7.0 uses CCXML to enable standards-based call control and service applications. CCXML is co-authored by VoiceGenie, providing an alternative to proprietary extensions for call control. CCXML can run on most telephony platforms and it can be implemented across many different types of networks and protocols. With CCXML, applications can be designed and delivered by in-house resources or the services of the CCXML ecosystem can be leveraged. Some of the applications enabled by the VoiceGenie 7.0 CCXML Platform include conferencing, call back, media applications (for example, color ring back), advanced network routing and queuing, and prepaid card processing.
  • VoiceGenie 7.0 is a VoiceXML platform that provides a Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) Proxy and a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Proxy. The MRCP Proxy controls how automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS) requests are routed between an MRCP client (such as the VoiceGenie Media Platform) and MRCP-capable speech servers. This allows the proxy to manage load balancing and failover. The MRCP Proxy also supports multi-vendor compatibility allowing different speech engines to be used in the same deployment. The SIP Proxy routes requests for voice services in a VoIP deployment around any unavailable servers. The SIP Proxy also performs load balancing.
  • Next Generation Multimodal Support: VoiceGenie 7.0 has multimodal support including the following:
    • Integration with X|mode, ScanSoft's VoIP-based multimodal applications platform.
    • X+V (XHTML plus Voice) support. X+V is a markup language for developing multimodal applications.
    • Support for low bit-rate audio codecs which allows use of core network resources and handset capabilities.
    • Support for Distributed Speech Recognition (DSR) allowing a portion of the speech recognition to occur on the mobile device.
    • Multimodality enables multiple modalities such as text, graphics and speech to be used in the same application.
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