VoiceIt Technologies to Release Voice-enabled Applications for Windows Mobile 5.0 Platform

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - VoiceIt Technologies, LLC unveiled its new suite of Powered by VoiceIt enabled applications for smartphones using the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system due for release by July of 2006. Currently in beta and quality assurance testing, the suite includes VoiceDialItTM, VoiceSecureIt™, and VoiceNavItTM.

Smartphone models that will be supported are the Palm TreoTM 700w, Motorola Q, Taiwan-based HTC 8125 (Cingular 8100/8125), HTC XV6700 (Verizon XV6700 and Sprint PPC-6700), and the Audiovox PPC-6700sp among others.

VoiceDialItTM will be a voice dialer for Windows MobileTM 5.0 powered smartphone. It will offer the same benefits and features of the VoiceDialItTM for the PalmOSTM version.

VoiceSecureItTM will be a voice biometric authentication application that will enable the user to access their smartphone by using a voice print phrase.

VoiceNavItTM will be a voice command and control application. It will offer the same benefits and features of the VoiceNavItTM for the PalmOSTM version. It will enable the user to control windows, launch applications, input text, control input (i.e. 5-way Navigation), and playback recorded macros via their voice. 


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