VoltDelta Powers Nevada's New 511 System

The Nevada Department of Transportation this week selected VoltDelta's N11 hosted platform for deployment of a new multichannel phone- and Web-based 511 system for state motorists.   

This advanced traveler information system will deliver road and weather information via hands-free dialing and voice-enabled interactive dialogs, Web access, and smartphone applications to motorists. The solution will be deployed statewide.

511 systems help drivers avoid areas with traffic congestion, provide alerts for severe weather and other conditions, and recommend alternate routes.  The new 511 interactive voice response (IVR) and speech recognition services will be deployed with VoltDelta's N11 platform, which provides the voice self-service and hosted telephony infrastructure. Automated outbound calls via VoltDelta's N11 platform will also be made for alerts to motorists that opt-in. The next-generation 511 system will continue to include incident and event-related information available via Web access as well as telephony. 

VoltDelta distinguishes Nevada's 511 with IVR features that include the following:

  • Remembering the last location a caller requested to more quickly and efficiently deliver the right information to the caller.
  • Superior voice recognition accuracy, especially for like-sounding street names, through the use of patent-pending speech technology.
  • Enhancing subscriber alerts by providing an outbound phone call option.
  • Empowering NDOT to manage the 511 IVR application by self-modifying portions of the dialogue for extremely rapid adds, moves, and changes.
  • A reliable platform supporting massive calling spikes (when 511 proves its worth) resulting from accidents, weather, or events via a hosted infrastructure currently supporting more than 2 billion calls per year.

"Nevada's traffic safety goal is zero fatalities, and our enhanced 511 service is one way we are helping improve traffic safety and reduce traffic congestion," NDOT Director Rudy Malfabon explained in a statement. "The real-time, personalized road conditions are another way to help drivers get where they need to go more directly and safely. We selected VoltDelta to provide the IVR and telephony infrastructure because of their experience with providing 511 solutions that focus on caller engagement and ability to handle large call volumes."

VoltDelta is the prime contractor for Nevada DOT 511 project, responsible for implementing and integrating the IVR, Web site , Condition Reporting Systems (weather, floodgate messaging, etc.), Data Fusion Systems (road sensors, cameras, etc.), and smartphone applications.  VoltDelta powers 511 services for multiple states as well as 411 services to most of North America.  More than 2 billion calls per year in North America traverse VoltDelta's hosted platform.

"VoltDelta's hosted N11 platform offers states the opportunity to implement highly visible services to their driving constituents valued for safety and driving efficiency without capital investment or staffing requirements," said Terry Saeger, senior vice president and general manager of VoltDelta. "Our proven ability to answer 511 calls, especially for unexpected conditions, will provide the Nevada DOT and their motorists with performance confidence that can be relied upon in all conditions."

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