VoxSurf Announces the Release of VoxSurf Messaging Version 5.0

LONDON, UK - VoxSurf Messaging Version 5.0, released on March 13, 2002, now offers the service provider greater flexibility in the creation and deployment of outsourced messaging services. Filtered notification ensures that users will only be notified about business critical messages, and SNMP tools enable the service provider to continuously monitor and control the service. Service providers now have all they need to provide their customers with own-branded voice-enabled messaging services that are designed to meet their look and feel and that can be monitored remotely to ensure maximum availability and optimum performance. Users can ensure that they receive timely notification of important voice and email messages. In the past they were notified of every new message, but from now on they will only be notified of those messages that meet their pre-defined criteria, such as the sender's name or telephone number or key words in the subject header. This feature increases the value service to the end user and also reduces the volume of cost-incurring notifications that the service providers generate. "Our customers have requested these features and we are pleased that we have successfully exceeded their requirements with Version 5." says Paul Salusbury, CEO of VoxSurf . "We are confident that SNMP monitoring and filtered notification will improve the quality and reduce the cost of the services provided by our customers. The N-tier administration feature will allow our customers to offer bespoke services and branding to their end customers even if they reside on the same platform as others with different branding and functionality. All-in-all this is sure to help our customers drive up their revenue, reduce their costs per subscriber and improve their profitability."
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