Voxeo Partners with Four Key Voice Biometrics Providers

Today Voxeo announced partnerships with four leading voice biometrics providers: CSIdentity, PerSay, TradeHarbor, and Vocalect. Existing and prospective Voxeo customers can now try, test, and deploy voice biometrics as part of existing or new applications on Voxeo's network.

Voxeo enables companies of all sizes to develop and deploy IVR and VoIP systems, and with today's announcement offers verification and other voice biometric solutions for every industry, geography, and scenario. Voxeo and its voice biometrics partners have facilitated an easy-to-use trial process through Voxeo's Prophecy Hosting and Prophecy On-Premise platforms. Partners include:

CSIdentity's VoiceVerified multifactor authentication system allows organizations to verify and authenticate an individual's identity before enrolling his voice print. CSIdentity's VoiceVerified solution supports Red Flag and HIPAA compliance while simultaneously combating fraud and enabling businesses to enhance the customer experience and security while reducing average time per call. CSIdentity VoiceVerified offers solutions for securing online data, call center transactions, or mobile commerce connections.

PerSay's voice biometrics products are based on 14 years of research and development, originally targeting military and intelligence applications. PerSay's algorithmic engines and platform are the infrastructure of its VocalPassword and FreeSpeech products. These products enable verification of customers as well as identification of fraudsters and are the underlying infrastructure of the world's largest customer facing text dependent and text independent voice biometrics deployments - successfully automating and securing millions of transactions a year. PerSay's customers include Bell Canada, British Telecom, Vodafone Turkey, Bank Leumi, Bank Hapoalim, Discount Bank, Philippines Government Insurance Services, and U.S. Immigration Control and Enforcement. Multiple U.S. banks and credit card companies and government agencies around the world are currently piloting PerSay's products.

TradeHarbor's Voice Signature Service uses a person's voice as his unique identifier, enabling real-time authentication and authorization of telephone and Internet transactions anywhere in the world. The Voice Signature Service can be added to existing VoiceXML applications with sub-dialogue calls or added to Web pages or applications using simple server-side scripts. TradeHarbor's service can be used to provide protection against identity theft, protected access to financial information, secure login for remote workers, secure mobile devices and payments, automated authentication and increased call center operator efficiency, protection for personal health information, and increased customer satisfaction.

Vocalect's voice biometric engine is text- and language-independent and supports static pass-phrases, numbers, and natural speech, giving customers maximum flexibility.  And, Vocalect's VoiceXML API allows dialogue designers to integrate enrollment and verification functions into their Prophecy applications without the need for advanced programming skills. Vocalect has customers in the financial services, real estate, law enforcement, and online educations industries.

"One of the barriers to adoption of voice biometrics technology has simply been the difficulty of trying and deploying the technology cost-effectively. We are working with all the leading biometrics companies using our free developer hosting and free downloads to make it easier for all developers and enterprises to discover the value the technology can bring them," said John Amein, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Voxeo Corporation. "I am confident that many of Voxeo's 100,000 developers will find creative ways to apply the technology and deliver a new generation of valuable communication applications."

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