Voxify Supplies Genesys with Personalization

Voxify, provider of automated agents, announced today it will provide dynamic speech applications to the Intelligent Customer Front Door (iCFD) solution from Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories to allow for an increased personalization of customer interactions.

Voxify already provides speech self-service applications as part of the Genesys Voice Platform. The iCFD solution will use conversational speech technologies through Voxify’s Conversation Engine.

In recent years, analysts have criticized call center deployments as being too disparate from the enterprise; this decreases call completion yields and customer satisfaction levels.  Voxify, whose clients include Rite Aid, Continental Airline, and NFL Shop, consolidates information gleaned from customer profiles, Internet activity, and call history to customize and personalize contact center call flow. 

"We don’t write static applications or write VXML code," says Voxify CEO John Gengarella "All our applications are dynamically generated at run time, so it’s a very different methodology for both development and deployment." And because it’s a hosted solution, small and mid-size businesses can leverage the technology and features that previously only large enterprises could afford. 

But for Gengarella, the key to Voxify’s technology is its ability to deliver a personalized experience. For instance, Rite Aid can inform customers that their prescription needs to be refilled and provide those customers with the option of doing it, and having that prescription shipped to a home address, over the phone.

Static applications by definition present a consistent call flow that isn't technologically capable of adapting if the user's needs change.  This is fine for basic customer interactions.

"But I’ll never be able to pursue a personalized interaction with you unless I inject in that (interaction) dynamically all that I know about you," Gengarella says. "I may be tied to a CRM system, I may be tied to some of our own data we have around you, I may be leveraging some of Genesys’s CTI capabilities. But I can dynamically generate the call flow based on that current information from you and never have to write the VXML code to have that exchange."

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