VuBotics and MagneticTime to Co-Develop Speech and Reading Application

VuBotics and MagneticTime recently announced a strategic partnership to develop software combining MagneticTime's speech technology software with VuBotics' VuIT advanced reading technology.

MagneticTime's iAudioize software for iPods, PCs, PDAs, and cellphones enables users to listen to emails and documents in MP3 format. The VuIT product family uses an advanced proprietary algorithm that dynamically delivers text sequentially onto a viewing screen, word-by-word, rather than as static text across a screen, as with a piece of paper.

"By combining iAudioize and VuIT, we are developing a robust software solution that dramatically enhances the usabilty and functionality of cell phones, iPods and PCs," said David Rollo, chief marketing officer of VuBotics. "This new software will seamlessly convert text to audio, providing users immediate and convenient access to information. For instance, users will have the ability to read emails using VuIT's software, which maximizes both speed and legibility of traditional digital text-allowing readers to double, even triple, their traditional reading speed while reducing eyestrain and improving legibility. At the same time, MagneticTime's speech conversion technology provides an eye-free utility for retrieving emails and other content never before available. Users will have the ability to convert text to MP3 format for easy listening while traveling, commuting or even exercising. The combination of these two technologies is a supercharged productivity tool that has the potential to reshape the mobile information landscape."

"Given the proliferating use of cell phones and other small screen devices for reading digital content, we believe the VuIT reader, coupled with MagneticTime's advanced speech technology, has the potential to reshape how we retrieve information, whether on the go or in the office," added Shane Mc Allister, executive vice president of MagneticTime. "We look forward to launching the new software solution later this year, and aggressively building our distribution through a variety of channels."

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