West Chooses Anakam to Improve Security

West, a company that provides voice oriented solutions, chose the Anakam Identity Suite in hopes that the addition will bolster security by providing a third factor of identification for their agents working at the West at Home Service, a service that uses agents who are home-based in a variety of locations.

"Anakam's and West's combined offering will enable a more secure and robust service, and call center functions with assurance that their customers most sensitive and personal data is being accessed in a secure manner but also by the approved individuals," says Jose Jimenez, the senior director of systems engineering at Anakam.

The Anakam platform includes various lists of authentication mechanisms ,including voice biometric verification that can be used to verify the identities of home-based agents. This NIST Level 3 authentication will use an out-of band, one-time passcode—without the use of hardware or software—via phone, email, or voice biometrics. Because the platform uses a scalable format, it has the potential to authenticate millions of remote users.

"Our voice biometrics technology uses far more characteristic data points than a fingerprint scanner or a face recognition system. This makes our voice biometric authentication system extremely precise," says Jimenez. "The large number of data points allows for variances from increased background noise, or a person with a cold."

"Partnering with Anakam allows us to increase the confidence of our clients in the security and reliability of our West at Home virtual agent platform," said Skip Hanson, president of the West Customer Management Group, in a statement. "The ability to offer our customers tiered levels of progressively stringent authentication based on risk assessment and the security requirements for the data they maintain will be a great addition to our industry-leading security measures."

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